Flatiron Exoplanet Atmospheres Symposium

Date & Time

The Center for Computational Astrophysics of the Flatiron Institute is hosting an informal symposium on exoplanet atmospheres. The overall goal is to bring together experts and beginning researchers from various sub-areas of exoplanet atmospheres, to highlight current research as well as explore directions for the coming decade. More specifically, the symposium aims to:

● Communicate latest developments in theory/modeling and observation/instrument
● Exchange ideas, discuss critical issues, and forge new collaborations
● Provide a forum to showcase the research of students and junior scientists, and to encourage interactions between junior and senior scientists
● Encourage interdisciplinary discussions with the Earth and Planetary Science and other astrophysics communities.

Visitors without a badge, please note a that when arriving at Flatiron Institute, you will need to bring the following items with you to gain entry to the building:

  • Government issued photo ID
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Completed Guest Health Screening Questionnaire (must be completed no more than 24 hours in advance of your visit)
    • All attendees must attest that they have tested negative for COVID for entry on the first day of this event.
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