Looking Glass Holographic Display

Date & Time

Presenter: Alex Hornstein, Co-Founder and CTO

Talk Topic: Holographic Visualization in Scientific Research

It’s the year 2020, and we have developed an incredible ability to capture 3-dimensional imagery of the world at scales from microscopic to astronomical. Our advances in imaging have given us powerful ways to examine, model and understand the natural world, but viewing and sharing spatial data with colleagues is still a challenge.

Looking Glass Factory is a Brooklyn-based company that is a world leader in holographic display. Since the company’s inception, Looking Glass has worked with researchers around the world to take complex, three dimensional data into the real world, for the first time allowing groups of people to view and interact with both data and one another. Looking Glass founder and CTO Alex Hornstein will share work that Looking Glass has done together with scientific researchers across a variety of fields, as well as a set of live demos where attendees can view and interact with three-dimensional scenes in Looking Glass displays*. Alex will also share some of the principals of how Looking Glass’ lightfield technology works, and techniques that researchers from all sides of the scientific community are using to capture and display lightfield imagery of their work.

About the Speaker

Alex Hornstein grew up with a soldering iron in one hand and a butterfly net in the other.  Later on, he went to MIT to study electrical engineering and computer science and spent the next decade circumnavigating the globe and working on a wide swath of different inventions.   In 2014, he co-founded Looking Glass Factory, where he currently works as CTO and runs the company’s R&D lab.  For fun, he learns new languages, rides motorcycles and hangs out in machine shops, gardens and mountain trails with his wife and daughter.
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