Operator Splitting Methods in Data Analysis

Date & Time

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Patrick L. Combettes                                 Christian L. Müller
Distinguished Professor,                              Project Leader in Computational
Mathematics, North Carolina                      Statistics, Numerical Analysis,
State University                                           CCM, Flatiron Institute

The 2nd workshop on Operator Splitting Methods in Data Analysis brings together experts from nonlinear analysis, optimization, data analysis, and statistics to advance the field of operator splitting methods and its application to statistics and data analysis.

Specific topics include:
(i) general forms of equilibria that are captured by monotone inclusions,
(ii) nonconvex/nonmonotone splitting methods
(iii) scaling up of splitting strategies as the numbers of observations and features grow
(iv) robustness of splitting methods under perturbations and modeling errors
(v) New and nonstandard variational formulations for data analysis problems
(vi) Applications of splitting methods in data analysis and statistics

A unique aspect will be again the strong focus on presentations that illuminate technical difficulties and highlight open problems.

Information about the 2018 edition of this workshop, held at SAMSI, can be found here (https://www.samsi.info/programs-and-activities/research-workshops/operator-splitting-methods-data-analysis/).

  • AGENDAplus--large

    For a more detailed schedule go here.

    Wednesday, March 20

    8:15AM - 9:00AMBreakfast
    9:00AM - 9:15AMWelcome remarks by Patrick L. Combettes and Christian L. Müller
    9:15AM - 10:45AM3 25-minute Talks
    9:15AM - 9:30AMSaverio Salzo
    9:45AM - 10:15AMIvan Selesnick
    10:15AM - 10:45AMNoah Simon
    10:45AM - 11:15AMBreak
    11:15AM - 12:15PM2 25-minute Talks
    11:15AM - 11:45AMSylvain Sorin
    11:45AM - 12:15PMSebastian Stich
    12:15PM - 1:30PMLunch
    1:30PM - 2:30PM2 25-minute Talks
    1:30PM - 2:00PMWeijie Su
    2:00PM - 2:30PMRyan Tibshirani
    2:30PM - 3:00PMBreak
    3:00PM - 4:30PM3 25-minute Talks
    3:00PM - 3:30PM Charles Epstein
    3:30PM - 4:00PMIsao Yamada
    4:00PM - 4:30PMMaicon Marques Alves
    4:30PM - 5:00PMBreak
    5:00PM - 6:00PM2 25-minute Talks
    5:00PM - 5:30PMHedy Attouch
    5:30PM - 6:00PMJacob Bien
    6:00PM - 8:30PMReception

    Thursday, March 21

    8:30AM - 9:00AMBreakfast
    9:00AM - 10:30AM3 25-minute Talks
    9:00Am - 9:30AMRadu Bot
    9:30AM - 10:00AMLuis Briceño-Arias
    10:00AM - 10:30AMEric Chi
    10:30AM - 11:00AMBreak
    11:00AM - 12:00PM2 25-minute Talks
    11:00AM - 11:30AMJonathan Eckstein
    11:30AM - 12:00PMAurelie Lozano
    12:00PM - 1:30PMLunch
    1:30PM - 2:30PM2 25-minute Talks
    1:30PM - 2:00PMAditya Mishra
    2:00PM - 2:30PMWalaa Moursi
    2:30PM - 3:00PMBreak
    3:00PM - 4:30PM3 25-minute Talks
    3:00PM - 3:30PMMarcello Pelillo
    3:30PM - 4:00PMTeemu Pennanen
    4:00PM - 4:30PMMassimiliano Pontil
    4:30PM - 5:00PMBreak
    5:00PM - 6:00PM2 25-minute Talks
    5:00PM - 5:30PMVianney Perchet
    5:30PM - 6:00PMMarcelo Pereya
    6:00PM - 9:00PMDinner at 6:30PM

    Friday, March 22

    8:30AM - 9:00AMBreakfast
    9:00AM - 10:30AM3 25-minute Talks
    9:00AM - 9:30AMJean-Christophe Pesquet
    9:30AM - 10:00AMAaditya Rangan
    10:00AM - 10:30AMAndreas Buja
    10:30AM - 11:00AMBreak
    11:00AM - 11:30AM1 25-minute Talk
    11:00AM - 11:30AMTerry Rockafellar
    11:30AM - 12:30PMSummary of the Workshop / Discussion
    12:30PM - 1:00PMLunch
  • PARTICIPANTSplus--large
    Maicon Marques AlvesFederal University of Santa Catarina
    Hedy AttouchIMAG, Université de Montpellier, CNRS
    Jacob BienUniversity of Southern California
    Radu BoțUniversität Wien
    Luis Briceño-AriasUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria
    Andreas BujaUniversity of Pennsylvania
    Eric ChiNorth Carolina State University
    Jonathan EcksteinRutgers University
    Charles EpsteinUniversity of Pennsylvania
    Aurelie LozanoIBM T.J. Watson Research Center
    Walaa MoursiUniversity of Waterloo
    Marcello PelilloUniversity of Venice
    Teemu PennanenKing's College London
    Massimiliano PontilIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
    Vianney PerchetEcole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay & Criteo AI Lab
    Marcelo PereyraHeriot-Watt University
    Jean-Christophe PesquetUniversité Paris-Saclay
    Aaditya RanganCourant Institute, NYU
    Terry RockafellarUniversity of Washington
    Saverio SalzoIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia
    Ivan SelesnikNew York University
    Noah SimonUniversity of Washington
    Sylvain SorinSorbonne Université
    Sebastian StichEPFL, Switzerland
    Weijie SuUniversity of Pennsylvania
    Ryan TibshiraniCarnegie Mellon University
    Isao YamadaTokyo Institute of Technology
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