Origins Space Telescope: Community Science Meeting

  • Organized by
  • Chris Hayward, Ph.D.Associate Research Scientist, CCA, Flatiron Institute
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162 5th Avenue, 2nd Floor Auditorium
New York, NY United States

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The Origins Space Telescope (Origins) is one of four concepts that has been studied by NASA for the 2020 Astrophysics Decadal Survey. Origins is designed to be the next-generation large mission concept that operates in the infrared wavelengths between 2.8 to 588 microns, using a cold aperture (4.5 K) with an effective collecting area comparable to JWST. Its scientific capabilities range from the formation and growth of galaxies and supermassive black holes to the formation and habitability of exoplanets to bio-signatures of habitable-zone exoplanets around nearby dwarf stars. The Origins science program will be driven by  Guest Observer (GO) allocations through the usual peer-review competitions. The three instruments of Origins will enable a large number of science programs, allowing studies from the Solar System to the era of the cosmic dark ages.

The purpose of the meeting is to 1) finalize the report to the Decadal Survey and to present the Origins Baseline Concept to the community and address questions (Day 1) and 2) have the community present their science ideas for using this powerful observatory (Day 2).

Community members can just attend or can also apply to give a short presentation on their ideas.  Abstract submissions for presentations are due by June 1.

The registration deadline to attend the meeting is June 15. Please register and (optionally) submit a title and abstract.

SOC: Cara Battersby (UConn), Ted Bergin (Michigan), Asantha Cooray (UCI), Jonathan Fortney (UCSC), Chris Hayward (Flatiron Institute), Tiffany Kataria (NASA-JPL), David Leisawitz (NASA-GSFC), Margaret Meixner (STScI), Alex Pope (UMass), Tom Roellig (NASA-Ames)

Queries can be sent to:

Asantha Cooray (Origins Science and Technology Definition Team Co-Chair)

Margaret Meixner (Origins Science and Technology Definition Team Co-Chair)

Chris Hayward (Local Flatiron Host)

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