Quantum Cafe: Harold Hwang

Date & Time

Quantum Café is CCQ’s ongoing seminar series: open to all bona fide members of the greater NYC scientific community and held every second week, Quantum Café presents a series of informal, highly interactive talks, typically by external speakers, which present the most interesting recent developments and open questions in our field.

Title: Freestanding Crystalline Oxide Membranes and Heterostructures

Abstract: The ability to create and manipulate materials in two-dimensional (2D) form has repeatedly had transformative impact on science and technology. In parallel with the exfoliation and stacking of intrinsically layered crystals, the atomic-scale thin film growth of complex materials has enabled the creation of artificial 2D heterostructures with novel functionality and emergent phenomena, as seen in perovskite oxides. We present a general method to create freestanding complex oxide membranes and heterostructures with millimeter-scale lateral dimensions and nanometer-scale thickness. This facilitates many new opportunities we are beginning to explore, including the topological melting transition of 2D crystalline order, the application of extreme strain states, and integration with other materials families.

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