Quantum Cafe: Sankar Das Sarma

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Title: Superconductivity in Graphene: Twisted or not and phonons or not

Abstract: I will describe a number of theoretical approaches to understanding the unexpected observation of superconductivity, seemingly both singlet and. triplet, in various graphene multilayers, including twisted bilayer graphene, twisted double bilayer graphene, trilayer rhombohedral graphene, and bernal bilayer graphene. No superconductivity has ever been reported, however, in regular monolayer graphene. The fundamental theoretical question is whether there is a universal mechanism underlying all of this graphene superconductivity. I will provide (at least a partial) answer to this question. Theory from Maryland and experiments from several (non-Maryland) groups will be discussed and compared.

For Zoom details please contact Mary Kate Hennelly at [email protected]

April 26, 2022

Sankar Das Sarma: Superconductivity in Graphene: Twisted or not, Phonons or not

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