Quantum Café: Sara Haravifard

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Title: Exploring New Candidates for Dirac Quantum Spin Liquids

Abstract: Frustrated quantum magnets offer a promising arena for exploring exotic states of matter. The talk will focus on the newly designed quantum magnets which are predicted to host a Quantum Spin Liquid (QSL) state. QSL is a novel state of matter in which spins do not order even at low temperatures, exhibiting exotic properties like tractionalized excitations and topological order. This presentation will showcase the latest findings from thermodynamic analyses and neutron scattering experiments conducted on meticulously crafted single-crystal samples of recently discovered rare-earth based triangular lattice compounds. Through these results, we discuss the possibility of the realization of Dirac QSL state in these compounds and provide a comparison to the theoretical predictions.

May 14, 2024

Sara Haravifard: Exploring New Candidates for Dirac Quantum Spin Liquids

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