Reionization on a Blackboard

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The aim of this 4-day workshop is to discuss four timely topics at the forefront of current research on the Epoch of Reionization. The meeting will move away from the traditional format of a series of talks, in an effort to maximize interactions and foster collaborations among the attendees.

Each day of the workshop will focus on particular topics with structured morning sessions and unstructured parallel discussion sessions in the afternoon. Together we will attempt to tackle the following four topics and open questions:

1. What will the JWST teach us about the sources that drive reionization and the high redshift intergalactic medium?
2. What can we expect to learn about reionization from upcoming, near-future redshifted 21 cm, cosmic microwave background, and line-intensity mapping observations?
3. What can we learn from different approaches to reionization modeling? Are there important missing ingredients in these models?
4. What do current observations of the Lyman-alpha forest imply about reionization? Have we reached a consensus view? What more can we hope to learn from the forest in the future? 
5. We particularly encourage applications from graduate students and junior researchers, as well as from historically underrepresented groups in Astronomy.

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Reach out to [email protected] for additional details. Registration is required.

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