Resting State fMRI

Date & Time

About Simons Foundation Lectures

Simons Foundation Lectures are free public colloquia related to basic science and mathematics. These high-level talks are intended for professors, students, postdocs and business professionals, but interested people from the metropolitan area are welcome as well.

This Biotech Symposium will focus on resting-state fMRI, a neuroimaging technique that uses dynamic changes in oxygenated blood flow to explore the brain’s functional organization when a person is at rest and not performing an explicit task.


Randy Buckner, Harvard University: The Basics of Functional Connectivity MRI

Steven Petersen, Washington University: Network Analysis of Functional Connectivity MRI Can Identify Systems and Vulnerable Locations

Michael Milham, Child Mind Institute: An Emerging Big Data Resource for Imaging-Based Biomarker Identification


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