RHytHM: ResearcH using yt Highlights Meeting

Date & Time

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Join organizers: Stephanie Tonnesen, Matthew Turk, Madicken Munk and John Zuhone.

Answering scientific questions using large datasets rich with information is often a matter of examining data in a new and informative way. The ability to analyze and visualize data in physically-meaningful ways is one of the most powerful uses of yt and has allowed for its use across many scientific domains. In this meeting, we aim to share the ways in which yt has been used to enhance research.

We plan to have a series of talks in which people introduce their scientific problem to a diverse group of scientists (domain amateurs) and highlight how yt was used in their research. We look forward to hearing about how yt slices, phaseplots, and volume-rendering have been used, interesting ways to select data or an extension based on yt. We also hope to hear about yt uses we have not yet considered!


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