SZ Workshop

Date & Time

Observations of the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effects use the CMB as a backlight to directly probe the ionized gas in galaxies, clusters, and the cosmic web. They can be used to reveal important information about galaxy formation and evolution, energetic feedback, and to extract cosmological information. Recent advances in the measurement techniques, together with the availability of low-noise, high-resolution CMB maps and galaxy catalogs with millions of galaxies, have turned the thermal and kinematic SZ effects into mature probes.

As we prepare to analyze data from the next generation of surveys, such as DESI and Simons Observatory, it is imperative to be able to connect SZ theory, simulations, and observations.  This effort will allow us to properly interpret the upcoming measurements, and will be the main goal of the workshop.  We anticipate contributions from CMB observers and analysts, galaxy formation theorists and simulators, and experts in the modeling of galaxy populations and ionized gas properties.


  • Nick Battaglia
  • Simone Ferraro
  • Colin Hill
  • Mathew Madhavacheril
  • Emmanuel Schaan


  • Colin Hill
  • Will Coulton
  • Shirley Ho
  • Fiona McCarthy
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