VJC: Robbe Goris

Date & Time


Currently, Nikhil, Robert Roodry from NYU and Jing Yang Zhou are organizing vision journal club on a bi-weekly basis  (in-person at NYU and on zoom, 4pm Thursday). Zoom links are generated weekly for security issues. Please contact [email protected] to access the Zoom credentials. 

This semester, we focus on looking at representations from perceptual, neuronal and theory perspectives. Here is a tentative schedule for the rest of the semester:


  • 8/11/22: Robbe GorisAssistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin 
    • Robbe Goris’. talk will be at the Flatiron, 4th Floor Classroom, 160 5th Ave
    • Abstract: To accomplish goals, humans and other animals must infer properties of the environment in the face of uncertainty and change. I will discuss ongoing psychophysical and physiological work from my lab that interrogates the computational principles and neural mechanisms that enable humans and macaque monkeys to do this. I will argue that the brain continuously updates probabilistic representations of the environment to best interpret an uncertain, ever-changing world.
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