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Marlon Brenes: Non-Markovian Thermodynamics at Strong Coupling of Interacting Systems

Kavan Modi: Self-Consistent Learning and Control of Arbitrary Open Quantum Dynamics

Seogjoo Jang: Partially Polaron Transformed Quantum Master Equation & Non-Markovian Quantum Fokker-Planck Equation

Erik Gauger: Constructing Process Tensors for Broad Classes of Open Quantum Systems Problems

Victor Batista: Simulations of Open Quantum System Dynamics with Generalized Quantum Master Equations on Classical and Quantum Computers

Gerald Fux: Many-Body Open Quantum Systems and Information Backflow with Process Tensors

Alix W. Chin: Into the Wild: Exploring emergent non-Markovianity and its applications from the other side of the system-bath boundary

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