Mitigating Global Warming by Weakening the CO2 Greenhouse Effect

  • Awardees
  • Gabriel Vecchi, Ph.D. Princeton University
  • Brian J. Soden, Ph.D. University of Miami
  • Wenchang Yang, Ph.D. Princeton University
Year Awarded


The team will explore the extent to which greenhouse gas-induced global warming and associated regional climate impacts could be offset by a novel solar radiation management (SRM) strategy, which targets the greenhouse effect directly by changing stratospheric temperatures. The team will also compare the impacts of the stratospheric weakening of the greenhouse effect with the more “traditional” SRM strategies of countering warming by reducing incoming solar radiation through reflective stratospheric aerosols or space-based solar radiation reductions. Particular attention will be paid to potential unintended consequences such as changes to regional hydroclimate and extremes, stratospheric chemistry and light reaching the surface.

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