Targeted Grants to Institutes: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should be the individual at the institute who applies to this program?

    The applicant would typically be the director of the institute.

  2. Are the selection criteria different for U.S. and non-U.S. institutes?

    For institutes outside the United States, the foundation will also consider how the grant can help stimulate the progress of science in developing countries and how it can help connect developing countries to the scientific mainstream.  

  3. May applications come from a center or institute within a larger university, rather than freestanding institutes?

    Yes, centers/institutes within larger universities are eligible, as long as their main purpose is to support a field by strengthening contacts within the scientific community. Centers or institutes whose primary purpose is to provide a focal point for the research of local faculty at that university are not appropriate for this program.

  4. If my institute is not awarded a targeted grant this year, can we reapply next year?

    Yes, there is no limit to the number of times an institute can apply.

  5. Is the cost of an insurance to cover the exchange rate allowed as a direct cost?

    No, this would not be an allowable cost.

  6. Where do I submit the application?

    Log in to proposalCENTRAL ( You will find the MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES-TARGETED GRANTS TO INSTITUTES application in the list of Simons Foundation funding opportunities. Click APPLY NOW to start the application. Please see the Application Instructions for further information.

  7. Do I need approval from the grants office at my institution to submit an application?

    To submit an application, the Simons Foundation requires the signature of a signing official in your institution’s sponsored projects office or equivalent office. Please check with your institution’s policies regarding application submission.

  8. How do I get in touch with proposalCENTRAL for technical questions?

    Email pcsupport(replace this with the @ sign) or call 800-875-2562.

  9. Are deadline times adjusted for time zones?

    No. Please be advised that deadlines on the application are in Eastern Standard Time. We highly recommend registering early and submitting applications with ample time for corrections prior to the deadline hour.

  10. I cannot find the SUBMIT button. Where is it?

    If the submission deadline has not passed, use the VALIDATE button to check for missing requirements. If the problem persists, please contact proposalCENTRAL customer support, pcsupport(replace this with the @ sign) If the deadline has passed, the submission period has closed and you will not be able to submit. Please contact the foundation, and we will review requests for extensions on a case-by-case basis.

  11. I get an error message citing a missing section when I try to submit.

    Please click the VALIDATE button to review the application for missing requirements. If you are still receiving error messages after completing and saving the indicated sections, please contact proposalCENTRAL customer support at pcsupport(replace this with the @ sign)

  12. Is validating my application sufficient for submission?

    No. Validating the application will only check for errors and alert you to missing requirements. If the application is complete, you must click SUBMIT. After successful submission, your application will now be listed under the IN PROGRESS tab with the status SUBMITTED.

  13. Is a confirmation email sent when I submit my full proposal?

    A confirmation email is sent upon submission. Please contact proposalCENTRAL customer support, pcsupport(replace this with the @ sign), if you have submitted an application and have not received a confirmation email from proposalCENTRAL within ten minutes. Make sure that spam filters allow emails from pcsupport(replace this with the @ sign) The status of an application can also be checked within the MANAGE PROPOSALS tab in proposalCENTRAL.

If you have questions that are not answered in these FAQs, the Target Grants to Institutes RFA or Applications Instructions, please contact the Simons Foundation Division for Mathematics and the Physical Sciences at mps(replace this with the @ sign)

Download the Targeted Grants to Institutes Frequently Asked Questions PDF here.