Cornell University Library has received a five-year funding commitment of $350,000 per year from the Simons Foundation to secure the sustainability of arXiv during 2013-2017. Combined with Cornell’s annual commitment, the foundation’s five-year grant will provide a strong financial basis for the arXiv operation and build trust in the durability of a community-supported business model. The grant will encourage long-term community support by lowering arXiv membership fees, making participation affordable to a broad range of institutions. Most importantly, the participation of Simons Foundation in ensuring arXiv’s future will underscore the importance of the scholarly communication forum for the scientific community.


Magma is a Computer Algebra system developed by the Computational Algebra Group at the University of Sydney, with many collaborators around the world. It specializes in areas of mathematics that make heavy use of algebraic ideas and techniques. The costs of its development are mainly covered by research grants. However, the cost of the software infrastructure is covered by a levy on all users. This levy also covers the cost of building binaries for all the popular platforms and the provision of basic support and a bug fixing service for the user community.

The Simons Foundation has negotiated to buy a site license that would cover all academic and non-profit research users in the U.S (excluding certain government laboratories).