Amy Orsborn, Ph.D.

University of Washington
Amy Orsborn headshot

Amy Orsborn is an engineer and neuroscientist interested in the neural mechanisms of sensorimotor learning and methods to leverage nervous system plasticity to improve therapies. Her research group works at the intersection of systems neuroscience and electrical engineering, using engineered systems like brain-machine interfaces as tools to study complex learning behaviors and using neuroscientific insights to make clinically relevant improvements in neural interfaces. Her interdisciplinary approach is rooted in real-time, closed-loop experiments with nonhuman primates and is enriched by close collaborations with theorists and engineers who bring new analysis frameworks. Her lab is particularly interested in advanced multimodal, multi-scale electrical and optical techniques to stimulate and record neural activity with an emphasis on longitudinal studies from large-scale networks, which will be critical for studying rich learning behaviors.

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