David Sussillo, Ph.D.

Stanford University

David Sussillo is a research scientist at Google in the Google Brain group. Sussillo is also an adjunct faculty member in the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University. Sussillo received his B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University and his Ph.D. from Columbia University at the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience with Larry F. Abbott.

Sussillo’s research focuses on computational modeling of biological neural circuits and the interface of systems neuroscience and deep learning. Particular areas of interest are the nature of recurrent computation in biological and artificial recurrent neural networks, as well as modeling of high-dimensional neural data using generative models. Sussillo’s work provides computational methodologies for hypothesis generation in studies of neurobiological investigation. Examples include studies of population activity of motor and executive cortices. Additionally, Sussillo works in the field of brain-machine interface (BMI), specifically developing algorithms for robustness and speed in state-of-the-art decoders for intracortical BMI.

Current Project: Computation-through-dynamics as a framework to link brain and behavior

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