Eunice Chan

University of California, Berkeley
Eunice Chan headshot

Eunice Chan is a double major in computer science and data science at the University of California, Berkeley. She is interested in the encoding and decoding of information representation and has done research on spurious correlation in machine learning models, 3D motion in-betweening, and the automatic phonetic notation of speech. As an SCGB Undergraduate Research Fellow, Eunice will work in the laboratory of Jennifer Raymons at Stanford University, under the supervision of Trace Stay. The Raymons lab studies the neural mechanisms of learning from sensory input to encoding and plasticity to altered behavior based on memory. Eunice will focus on the neural networks that process the vestibular signals encoding orientation and motion of the head. In particular, she will analyze the effects of post-training behavior on the amount of vestibulo-ocular reflex gain learning in mice.

Mentor: Trace Stay

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