Felix Haehl, Ph.D.

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Portrait photo of Felix Haehl

Felix Haehl is a postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study. As a member of It from Qubit, he was a postdoc at University of British Columbia, Vancouver. In 2016, he obtained his Ph.D. from Durham University under the supervision of Mukund Rangamani. In 2012, he graduated from ETH Zürich with an M.S. He is ultimately interested in understanding aspects of quantum gravity using holographic techniques. He is currently focusing on the structure of entanglement and associated notions of entropy in quantum field theory, for these are deeply connected with questions about gravity, black holes and the emergence of space-time. He is also working on non-equilibrium, finite-temperature field theory. In this context, he has previously been involved in a classification of transport in the hydrodynamic regime. He is investigating how insights obtained there may be used to learn more about space-time structure and the second law in dynamical gravity.

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