Fran Bartolić

PhD Candidate, Astrophysics, University of St. AndrewsFran Bartolić’s website

Fran Bartolić was a CCA Pre-Doctoral fellow at the Flatiron Institute in the spring of 2020, working under the supervision of Dr. Dan Foreman-Mackey and Dr. Rodrigo Luger. He is currently in his final year of a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. While at CCA, he worked on a probabilistic model for mapping the surface of Jupiter’s volcanic moon Io from one-dimensional time series data. He continued this research after leaving CCA. After finishing the PhD, Fran will leave academia and focus on doing research in an industry setting, ideally related to pricing the negative externalities of climate change. In his free time, Fran enjoys cooking, spending quality time with friends, reading, and lifting weights.

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