Jaimie Henderson, M.D.

Stanford University
Jamie Henderson headshot

Jaimie Henderson is the director of the Stanford University program in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery and co-director (with Krishna Shenoy) of the Stanford Neural Prosthetics Translational Laboratory (NPTL). His research interests encompass several areas of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, including frameless stereotactic approaches for therapy delivery to deep brain nuclei, mechanisms of action of deep brain stimulation, cortical physiology and its relationship to normal and pathological movement, and neural prostheses. During his residency in the early 1990s, Henderson was intimately involved in the development of the new field of image-guided surgery. This innovative technology has revolutionized the practice of neurosurgery, allowing for safer and more effective operations with reduced operating time. He formed the NPTL in 2009 with Shenoy to advance the state of the art in neural prostheses for people with paralysis. His major current research focus is on understanding the neural basis of complex movements, including speech, with the eventual goal of creating clinically viable interfaces between the human brain and prosthetic devices to assist people with severe neurological disabilities.

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