Jesus Cabrales Quintanilla

University of Washington
Jesus David Cabrales Quintanilla headshot

Jesus Cabrales is in his third year at the University of Washington in Seattle, currently pursuing a major in biochemistry with a double minor in global health and bioethics. He is currently on the pre-med track and continues to aspire to a career as a physician. Jesus has spent the past 18 months working under the supervision of Shyril O’Steen in the Green Lab at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. The lab is investigating new immunotherapy-based approaches to treat multiple myeloma and lymphoma. Thus far, the work he has undertaken has only continued to deepen his appreciation of the research world. As a SCGB Undergraduate Research Fellow, he is now excited to embark on yet another research expedition, this time all about the brain.

Mentors: Leo Scholl and Pavithra Rajeswaran

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