Maneesh Sahani, Ph.D.

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Maneesh Sahani is Professor of Theoretical Neuroscience and Machine Learning at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at University College London (UCL). Graduating with a B.S. in physics from Caltech, he stayed to earn his Ph.D. in the Computation and Neural Systems program, supervised by Richard Andersen and John Hopfield. After periods of postdoctoral work at the Gatsby Unit and the University of California, San Francisco, he returned to the faculty at Gatsby in 2004 and was elected to a personal chair at UCL in 2013. His work spans the interface of the fields of machine learning and neuroscience, with particular emphasis on the types of computation achieved within the sensory and motor cortical systems. He has helped to pioneer analytic methods which seek to characterize and visualize the dynamical computational processes that underlie the measured joint activity of populations of neurons. He has also worked on the link between the statistics of the environment and neural computation, machine-learning based signal processing, and neural implementations of Bayesian and approximate inference.

Current Project:
Computation-through-dynamics as a framework to link brain and behavior

Dynamical computation in populations — analysis and theory

Past Project:

Relating dynamic cognitive variables to neural population activity

Towards a theory of multi-neuronal dimensionality, dynamics and measurement

The latent dynamical structure of mental activity

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