Maria Yuffa

University College London

Maria Yuffa is an SCGB Undergraduate Research Fellow in the Latham lab under the mentorship of Will Dorrell at University College London. She is studying toward an undergraduate degree in physics with molecular and cell biology as part of the natural sciences program at UCL. She attended grammar school and graduated from the National Mathematics and Science College. Maria is enthusiastic about researching how the brain processes information, particularly smells, and learning about newfound structures in the models of connectivity of the fly olfactory system. She aspires to build a mobile application that distinguishes between different smells and to expand knowledge in the field of electronic nose and machine olfaction. Maria is also interested in communication between different parts of the brain and hopes to enhance treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. She believes that this program will improve her research skills and deepen her theoretical knowledge of the field.

Mentor: Will Dorrell

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