Martin Gysel-Beer, Ph.D.

Paul Scherrer Institute

Martin Gysel-Beer obtained his Ph.D. in 2003 from ETH Zürich in environmental sciences. After a postdoctoral stay at the University of Manchester, he joined the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry at Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, and was appointed as a group leader of the Aerosol Physics and Optics group in the department of Energy and Environment in 2014. His main research interests include long-term observations of atmospheric aerosols, including process studies on their interaction with solar radiation and clouds. A recent focus is on aerosol optics and algorithms for aerosol property retrievals from angle-resolved light scattering measurements. Gysel-Beer has been a lecturer at ETH Zürich since 2013, a scientific organization committee member of the ETH Nanoparticles Conference since 2015, and he coordinates the Swiss consortium of the Aerosol, Clouds and Traces Gases Research Infrastructure.

Awarded Grant(s)

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