Michael A. Long, Ph.D.

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Michael A. Long received a Ph.D. in 2003 from the Department of Neuroscience at Brown University. For his postdoctoral fellowship, he worked with Michale Fee, a former high-energy physicist turned neurobiologist. During this time, Long established novel methods of manipulating and recording the dynamics within a song-related premotor region of the zebra finch brain. After starting his own laboratory at the New York University School of Medicine in 2010, he has continued this spirit of innovation by developing approaches that can uncover circuit mechanisms underlying the production of skilled motor behaviors across a variety of contexts, including speech-related regions in humans and vocal motor circuits in songbirds and a wild-caught Costa Rican rodent species. Long has received a number of awards and fellowships including the Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Award in the Neurosciences, the Rita Allen Foundation Scholars Award, and was named a Robertson Investigator by the New York Stem Cell Foundation.

Current Project:  Neural Circuit Dynamics Underlying Sequence and Variability

Past Project:  Analyzing a complex motor act at the mesoscopic scale

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