Mohsen Ghaffari, M.S.

Mohsen Ghaffari is a Ph.D. student at MIT. He received B.S. degrees in electrical engineering (communications) and in computer science, both from Sharif University of Technology in Iran, and an M.S. degree in computer science from MIT. Mohsen has a broad interest in theory of computation; his current research revolves around distributed algorithms, graph algorithms, error-correcting codes for interactive communication, and algorithms for wireless networks. His research at MIT has led to 15 published papers in conferences such as STOC, SODA, PODC, DISC, ICALP, and received the best paper award of DISC 2013 and the best student paper award of ICALP 2014 (track C). Among his recent results are near-tight bounds on the decompositions of graph vertex connectivity, vertex connectivity under vertex-sampling, error-correcting codes for interactive communication with optimal tolerable error-rate and near-linear time computation.

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