Naoshige Uchida, Ph.D.

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Naoshige Uchida is a professor at the Center for Brain Science and Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University. He received his Ph.D. from Kyoto University in Japan, where he worked on the molecular mechanism of synaptic adhesions done in Masatoshi Takeichi’s laboratory. He first began studying olfactory coding in Kensaku Mori’s laboratory at the Brain Science Institute, RIKEN, Japan. He then joined Zachary F. Mainen’s laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, where he developed psychophysical olfactory decision tasks in rodents. He started his laboratory at Harvard University in 2006. His current research focuses on the neurobiology of decision-making and learning, including neural computation in the midbrain dopamine system, functions of the cortico-basal ganglia circuit, foraging decisions and motor learning. His research combines quantitative rodent behaviors with multi-neuronal recordings, two-photon microscopy, computational modeling, and modern tools such as optogenetics and viral neural circuit tracing.

Current Project: Discovering repeating neural motifs representing sequenced behavior

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