Neha Murthy

Carnegie Mellon University

Neha Murthy is a junior at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in biology and double minoring in biomedical engineering and French. She grew up in Massachusetts, where she graduated from Sharon High School and enjoyed much of what New England has to offer. At CMU, Neha is involved in the crew team and student senate and is a teaching assistant for a freshman course called Eureka. Outside school, Neha enjoys running, spending time in nature, traveling, and immersing herself in all types of music. This past summer, Neha worked at a lab where she explored the effects of the Tim-3 molecule on a pathway known as STING, which is implicated in human inflammatory diseases and cancer. Neha is looking forward to working with Ramanujan Srinath in the Cohen lab this coming year, and she can’t wait to continue learning about the human body and brain!

Mentor: Ramanujan Srinath

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