For someone to maintain a lifelong relationship with science, they need to feel that they belong in science — in labs, classrooms, workplaces and more. We help broaden the science community by investing in and supporting emerging leaders and voices from diverse backgrounds.

We believe that truly transformative science is the result of multiple perspectives. We are committed to increasing access to science in historically underrepresented communities through mentoring, financial support, and by illuminating career paths in science or academia.

Our initiatives build and strengthen support systems. We help create environments where individuals and organizations can continuously learn from each other and grow.  For young people with a passion for science and math, Science Sandbox-supported programs like BEAM nurture their talent and create pathways.

And we know that a person can develop a sense of belonging at any point in their life. Our Autism in the Workplace program provides autistic adults with the mentorship, work skills and job experience to forge a successful career path. Through Math for America, we support educators who are making a lasting impact on their schools by recognizing their expertise, centering their perspectives and building community.

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Programs like the Science Festival Alliance empower young people, like Oscar, to strengthen their identities through mentorship and community.
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