Our initiatives inspire a feeling of awe and wonder for the world around us, giving people a broader understanding of their place in the universe.

We see science as more than just a set of facts; it’s a mindset, and by nurturing the natural curiosity that exists within us all we help drive exploration, and ultimately advance society.

To inspire or move someone, science can’t be seen as daunting or unapproachable. So, we’re helping to elevate its place in culture by supporting efforts that break down the unnecessary walls that exist between science and things like art, performance, quality design, and more.

That manifests in many ways — it can take the form of a creative partnership between scientists and artists through a Science Sandbox grant, a deep-dive into a subject with the award-winning Quanta Magazine, or an emotionally resonant, visually stunning Sandbox Films documentary.

Whatever the approach, we believe that by bringing together different backgrounds and perspectives, we can push the boundaries of science and innovation while motivating others to join the pursuit.

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Innovative organizations like Media Art Xploration convene artists and scientists for collaborations that yield spectacular results.
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