Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro, Ph.D.

Research Fellow, CCA, Flatiron InstituteFrancisco Villaescusa-Navarro’s website

Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro joined the foundation in 2016 as a research fellow at the Center for Computational Astrophysics. His research interests range from cosmology to galaxy formation and its work is focused on understanding the impact of massive neutrinos on the cosmological observables and on the usage of the intensity mapping technique as a cosmological tool to study the large-scale structure of the Universe. To conduct his research, Villaescusa-Navarro runs numerical simulations on supercomputers and analyzes the results using numerical tools he develops. He completed his Ph.D. at the Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular in Valencia, Spain and then held a postdoctoral position in Trieste, Italy.


Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular, Valencia, Spain

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