Mathematical Impressions: Art Imitates Math

The art exhibition at the annual Bridges Conference showcases a wide range of artworks inspired by mathematical thinking.

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Mathematics frequently offers inspiration to artists. Some of their works are mathematical models, some incorporate math symbols or objects, some are inspired by a theorem or proof, and some show patterns and structures with a mathematical aesthetic. The art exhibition at the annual Bridges Conference showcases a wide range of artworks inspired by mathematical thinking. As with any art form, the more background you have and the more you study the works, the deeper your appreciation will be.

The four prizewinners featured are:

  • Most Effective Use of Mathematics: Roberto Giardili for “Triangular Wriggle.”
  • Best Craftsmanship: Friedhelm Kürpig for “Worm Eaten Sphere.”
  • Most Innovative: Saul Schleimer and Henry Segerman for “Triple Gear.”
  • Best of Show: Mike Naylor for “Human Platonic Transform.”

Individual descriptions for the other artworks in the exhibition are available at the Bridges Conference 2013 Art Exhibition website.



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