2023 Simons Fellows in Mathematics Announced

The Simons Foundation congratulates the outstanding mathematicians who have been awarded Simons Fellowships in 2023. The Simons Fellows program extends academic leaves from one term to a full year, enabling recipients to focus solely on research for the long periods often necessary for significant advances. The foundation is proud to support the work of these distinguished scientists.


Michael Aizenman Princeton University
Jarod Alper University of Washington
Aravind Asok University of Southern California
Antonio Auffinger Northwestern University
Nir Avni Northwestern University
Matthew Baker Georgia Institute of Technology
Jennifer Balakrishnan Boston University
Alexander Braverman University of Toronto
Melody Chan Brown University
Wei-Kuo Chen University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Xiuxiong Chen SUNY at Stony Brook
Tobias Colding Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Panagiota Daskalopoulos Columbia University
Tarek Elgindi Duke University
Sheel Ganatra University of Southern California
Andrey Gogolev Ohio State University
Daniel Groves University of Illinois at Chicago
Mihaela Ifrim University of Wisconsin – Madison
Mattias Jonsson University of Michigan
Junehyuk Jung Brown University
Kiran Kedlaya University of California, San Diego
Sergiu Klainerman Princeton University
Robert Lemke Oliver Tufts University
Aaron Levin Michigan State University
Guozhen Lu University of Connecticut
Anna Mazzucato Pennsylvania State University
Dhruv Mubayi University of Illinois at Chicago
Andrew Neitzke Yale University
Hoi Nguyen Ohio State University
Lillian Pierce Duke University
Timo Seppäläinen University of Wisconsin – Madison
Sug Woo Shin University of California, Berkeley
Christopher Sogge Johns Hopkins University
Bulent Tosun University of Alabama
Jeff Viaclovsky University of California, Irvine
Botong Wang University of Wisconsin – Madison
Jun Yin University of California, Los Angeles
Inna Zakharevich Cornell University
Xin Zhou Cornell University
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