Let’s transform math and science — together.

We are the engine that drives scientific innovation around the world. Whether by advancing our understanding of autism or probing the origins of the universe, our funding helps individual researchers, research groups, clinical sites and other non-profit organizations investigate — and ultimately answer — some of the most fundamental mathematical and scientific questions confronting human society today.

We are unafraid to tackle the big problems. If you were the kid who took apart their parents’ computer just to see how it worked or spent your free time doing math problems for fun — if you’re curious about the world around you — then consider a career at the Simons Foundation. Together, we can be a part of the movement that brings mathematical and scientific knowledge into new and unexplored terrain.

Who We Are

The Simons Foundation is a privately funded grantmaking organization whose mission is to advance the frontiers of research in mathematics and the basic sciences. Our grant programs focus on five key areas:

  • Mathematics and Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Autism Research
  • Neuroscience
  • Science, Society and Culture

In addition, our scientific research organization — the Flatiron Institute — advances research through computational methods using data analysis, theory, modeling and simulations. Flatiron scientists have developed software to analyze large, experimental datasets produced in the fields of astrophysics, biology, math, neuroscience and quantum physics.

Learn more about careers at the Flatiron Institute.

Our Core Values

Those who work at the Simons Foundation share a passion for advancing mathematical and scientific research. Whatever your role, you play a vital part in fulfilling our mission to advance research in all areas of mathematics and the basic sciences. The following are just some of the many values that help guide this mission:


The funding we provide leads to greater understanding and discoveries that help humanity thrive.


The research we fund leads to practical innovations with impact.


We like to stay nimble and keep apace with the latest developments in science and mathematics.


We aren’t satisfied with the status quo, and are ready to embrace new technologies and ways of thinking.

Key Facts and Figures

A photograph of Marilyn and Jim Simons. Marilyn is a woman with light blonde hair and is wearing a pink, black, and white button sweater with a white undershirt and black slacks. Jim Simons is a man with a faint white beard, a blue-and-white pinstripe button-down shirt, and beige slacks. They are situated in a room with a staircase leading upward and that has a small garden with a tree underneath it.


Simons Foundation co-founded in New York City by Jim and Marilyn Simons. Marilyn Simons serves as president from 1994 until 2021.


Flatiron Institute launches.

Portrait photo of David Spergel


David Spergel appointed president of the foundation.

Current endowment

$4.6 billion

Visit our Simons Foundation Timeline to learn more about our history.

Life at the Simons Foundation

Collaboration is the word our employees live by. Whether working across departments or coordinating with researchers across multiple nations and time zones, all of us at the Simons Foundation are bound together by our mission to move mathematical and scientific innovation forward.

Learn and Grow

Whether learning about computational astrophysics at a staff meeting or attending a lecture on machine learning, the opportunities for gaining further knowledge are endless. Looking to grow in your career? Our learning platform has more than 6,000 professional development courses to expand your skill set.

Our Spaces

It’s not all work at the foundation. While our employees are driven by our mission to advance research in math and science, we know we cannot be our best selves at work unless we invest in our personal lives as well. Our communal spaces foster moments of collaboration, connection and quiet.

Our Tech

The Simons Foundation’s commitment to innovation extends to technology. From developing products that enable biologists to visualize how genes interact to building the full stack of more than 10 websites, our software engineers design a wide variety of tech products that make a difference in people’s lives. Because of our computing resources, the open-source nature of our software and our outstanding talent, we can continuously improve and enhance our technological solutions, stay at the forefront of the latest technologies and share them across the organization.

Learn more about the impact our technology has.

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Our Benefits

Although our work takes us to the endless expanse of the universe and the deepest corners of the human brain, we never forget that our employees are our most valuable asset. Our staff is the reason for our success, which is why we are proud to provide a comprehensive and competitive benefits portfolio designed to support their health and well-being.


  • Medical, dental and vision insurance premiums 100% covered
  • Highly competitive 401(k) with a 5:1 matching contribution
  • Generous time-off policy

Benefits at a Glance


• Medical

• Dental

• Vision

• Supplemental mental health benefit

• Health and wellness discounts

Financial Security

• Flexible spending accounts

• Commuter benefit

• Life and disability

• 401(k)

• Student loan repayment assistance

• Retiree health benefits

Work-life Balance

• Education assistance

• Employee assistance program

• Matching gift program

• Dependent tuition assistance

• Backup child and eldercare

• Legal services plan

• Identity theft protection

Time Away

• Holidays

• Vacation

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)


Our Commitment to You

Our employees come from all four corners of the world. As such, we are committed to building a work environment that recognizes and supports the many different voices that make the Simons Foundation one of the most innovative and forward-looking organizations of its kind.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Building a more diverse and inclusive workplace begins with creating a community around shared identities and lived experiences. Our six ERGs act as a supportive community among individuals who share a common identity and also create connections among all our employees through cultural celebrations and observations throughout the year.

  • Asian American Pacific Islander
  • Black
  • Caregivers
  • Latine
  • Pride
  • Women+

Targeted Grants

Our grants fund DEI initiatives in math and the basic sciences with the goal of increasing the number of Black, Indigenous, Latine and female students who earn advanced degrees in math and science. Learn more.

Autism in the Workplace

We support the expansion of employment opportunities for people with autism and other forms of neurodiversity. Learn more about our efforts here.

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