Plasticity and the Aging Brain

The Simons Collaboration on Plasticity and the Aging Brain aims to discover mechanisms of resilience and maintenance in the aging brain and to establish a baseline for age-related changes in plasticity across many model systems, in order to identify potential interventions to minimize cognitive decline and extend healthy lifespan.

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  • August 18, 2021
    4:00 - 5:30 PM
    162 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10010
    SCPAB SCPAB Student and Postdoc Meeting

    The Simons Foundation's Collaboration on Plasticity and the Aging Brain (SCPAB) is hosting a new event, and we’d love to see you there. This event is open to neuroscience postdocs and PhD students in the NY and NJ areas interested in cognitive aging (sorry, no PIs). Each meeting will feature a talk from a student or postdoc in the cognitive aging field followed by dinner, drinks, and discussion. 

    Speaker: Rachel Kaletsky, Research Scholar, Murphy Laboratory at Princeton University
    Title: Conserved molecular mechanisms of cognitive aging: From Worms to Humans

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  • August 30 - September 4, 2021

    Related National Institute of Aging Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research

    Join the National Institute of Aging for their 28th Annual Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research. The course, aimed at junior faculty and advanced fellows, provides intense exposure to current concepts in experimental aging research.

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  • September 20 - October 8, 2021

    Bordeaux, France
    Related Ageing Cognition

    This 3-week course will cover the fundamentals of cognitive aging -including inter-individual differences, cognitive and brain reserve and risk factors- and highlight the newest functional imaging methods to study human brain function. The Faculty will share the state-of-the-art molecular, optical, computational, electrophysiological, behavioral and epidemiological approaches available for studying the aging brain in diverse model systems. Application deadline: 31 May 2021

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  • April 1 - 15, 2022

    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Related Cognitive Aging Conference

    The biennial Cognitive Aging Conference is the premier conference for presentation of research about aging and cognition based on experimental cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience of aging, human factors and ergonomics, and longitudinal studies of age-related cognitive change, its correlates, and determinants.

    The next Cognitive Aging Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia in Spring 2022. See the Conference Description page for more information.

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  • July 14 - 17, 2022

    University of Wisconsin–Madison
    Related Metabolism, Aging, Pathogenesis, and Stress in C. elegans

    The 2022 C. elegans “Topics” Meeting “Metabolism, Aging, Pathogenesis, and Stress” (MAPS 2022), on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Memorial Union will host researchers studying fundamental questions regarding increasing health-span and reducing aging-associated decline.

    Due to the continued uncertainty caused by COVID-19 we regret that we have decided to cancel the 2020 meeting. We look forward to being able to host the meeting July 14 – 17, 2022 in Madison, Wisconsin, SAVE THE DATE!

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  • July 4 - 9, 2023

    Barcelona, Spain
    Related Gordon Conference Biology of Aging

    While the biology of aging is still a relatively new field, this GRC has become the premier forum for unpublished data presentation and discussions, resulting in a meeting where one can view exciting current science and also see the future directions of the field. Applications for this meeting must be submitted by June 6, 2021.

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