CCN Seminar with Srdjan Ostojic (ENS)

Date & Time

You are cordially invited to a CCN Seminar with Srdjan Ostojic

To set up a meeting with Srdjan, please reach out to Jessica Hauser at [email protected].

Title: The role of sub-population structure in computations through neural dynamics 


Neural computations are currently conceptualised using two separate approaches: sorting neurons into functional sub-populations or examining distributed collective dynamics. Whether and how these two aspects interact to shape computations is currently unclear. Using a novel approach to extract computational mechanisms from recurrent networks trained on neuroscience tasks,  we show that the collective dynamics and sub-population structure play fundamentally complementary roles. Although various tasks can be implemented in networks with fully random population structure, we found that flexible input–output mappings instead require a non-random population structure that can be described in terms of multiple sub-populations. Our analyses revealed that such a sub-population organisation enables flexible computations through a mechanism based on gain-controlled modulations that flexibly shape the collective dynamics.

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