Galactic Frontiers: Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Volume and Beyond

Date & Time

The community of dwarf galaxy researchers has grown significantly over the years, and we are very excited to bring together our local low-mass galaxy enthusiasts! This first Northeastern regional meeting on dwarf galaxies is a gathering of astronomers and astrophysicists to discuss the latest research on low-mass galaxies in the Local Volume and beyond. This will be both an opportunity for researchers to share their findings and a chance to network with colleagues in the greater northeast area. The meeting’s ultimate goal is to bring together experts in the region to explore the various aspects of dwarf galaxy formation, evolution, and dynamics.

The main goal of this meeting is to provide a platform for researchers to exchange ideas and to advance our understanding of these fascinating and important astronomical objects. In addition to both invited and contributed talks, the meeting will emphasize discussions and breakout sessions; we will cover topics including:

1. Dwarf galaxies as astrophysical and cosmological probes

2. Bridging the studies from resolved stars and integrated light observations

3. Simulated dwarfs from ISM to cosmological scales

4. Confronting simulations and observations of low-mass galaxies


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