Simons Collaboration on Cracking the Glass Problem First Annual Meeting

Date & Time

  • Agendaplus--large

    Thursday, March 9

    S. Nagel: State of the Collaboration
    G. Tarjus: In Search of Length Scales Characterizing Glass Formation
    L. Berthier: Models and Algorithms for the Next Generation of Glass Transitions Studies
    L. Manning: Jamming and Glassy Dynamics in Biological Tissues
    Poster Session
    J. Sethna: Glassy Systems in the Upper and Lower Critical Dimension: Nonlinear Renormalization Group Flows, Bifurcation Theory, Scaling and Universality
    S. Yaida: Robustness of Critical Replica Symmetry Breaking
    E. De Giuli: Flow Near Jamming
    G. Ben Arous: The Complexity of Random Functions of Many Variables - From Statistical Physics to Machine learning

    Friday, March 10

    A. Montanari: Of Landscapes, Algorithms and Learning
    P. Charbonneau: The Gardner Transition: A New Lens for Looking at Glasses
    E. Agoritsas: Beyond Universal Scalings in Disordered Systems: Case Study of the 1D Interface in Short-range Correlated Disorder
    Y. Bar Lev: Thermalization, Dynamics and Many-body Localization
    PIs: Current & Future Plans/Projects
    Brainstorming & Open Discussion
  • Speakersplus--large

    Elisabeth Agoritsas ENS Paris
    Yevgeny Bar Lev Columbia University
    Gerard Ben Arous NYU
    Ludovic Berthier Montpellier University
    Patrick Charbonneau Duke University
    Eric De Giuli EPFL
    Lisa Manning Syracuse University
    Andrea Montanari Stanford
    Sidney Nagel University of Chicago
    Jim Sethna Cornell University
    Gilles Tarjus UPMC
    Sho Yaida Duke University
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