Simons Collaboration on the Nonperturbative Bootstrap Annual Meeting

Date & Time

This is the first annual meeting of the Collaboration on the Nonperturbative Bootstrap.

View or download the Meeting Summary (PDF).


Slava Rychkov Hamiltonian truncation methods (Slides PDF)
David Simmons-Duffin Analytical and numerical methods in the conformal bootstrap
David Poland Bootstrapping the Stress-Energy Tensor (Slides PDF)
Simon Caron-Huot Gravitational S-matrix from CFT analyticity (Slides PDF)
Balt van Rees The S-matrix Bootstrap
Pedro Liendo Bootstrapping the N=2 landscape (Slides PDF)
Xi Yin On conformal and modular bootstrap in 2D
Sasha Zhiboedov Conformal Bootstrap at Large Charge (Slides PDF)

Tom Hartman Causality and the Length Operator
Chris Beem Supersymmetric operator algebras (Slides PDF)
Zohar Komargodski Non-Perturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory and the Bootstrap
Jared Kaplan The Exact AdS_3 Propagator and the Fate of Bulk Locality (Slides PDF)
Pedro Vieira Non-planar N=4 SYM
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