Simons Society of Fellows Alumni Symposium 2019

  • Organized by
  • Keith Hawkins, Ph.D.University of Texas at Austin
  • Chervin Laporte, Ph.D.University of Victoria
Date & Time

The second annual Simons Society of Fellows Alumni Symposium will feature a broad exploration of astrophysics through the common umbrella theme of Origins. The symposium will cover “hot topics” in astronomy, including cosmology, the formation of galaxies including our Milky Way, and the hunt for planets and life around other stars.

The conference participants will be able to learn about the hottest topics in astronomy, including the methods that modern astrophysicists use to deal with big datasets. These data science methods will be transferable across disciplines. Additionally, young scientists will also have the opportunity to present their work alongside established investigators through posters as well as talks from a wide variety of astronomers from various stages in their career. Finally, we hope to have a short session at the end of meeting where Society of Fellows alumni will be able to reflect on their experience and the impact of the Society of Fellows on their careers.

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    4:15 PMTEA
    4:30 PMJustin Read | Dark Matter Heats Up in Dwarf Galaxies (Simons Foundation Lecture)
    6:00 PMDINNER


    9:30 AMYacine Ali-Haïmoud | Hunting for dark matter in the early Universe
    10:00 AMGurtina Besla | The Milky Way in Motion
    11:00 AMJo Dunkley | How Fast is the Universe Growing?
    11:30 AMJennifer Johnson | The Origin of the Elements in the Milky Way
    1:00 PMJohanna Teske | Current Status and Future Prospects in Radial Velocity Characterization of Exoplanetary Systems
    1:30 PMBrendan Bowler | Imaging Exoplanets and the Pathway to Earth Analogs
    2:30 PMCourtney Dressing | Discovering and Characterizing Planetary Systems Using the Transit Method
    3:00 PMKeith Hawkins and Chervin Laporte | Alumni Talks Introduction
    3:05 PMAditi Sheshadri | Alumni Talk
    4:00 PMMijo Simunovic | Alumni Talk
    4:25 PMJames Stafford | Alumni Talk
    4:50 PMConference Summary


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