Applications for a Junior Fellowship are by nomination only. The deadline to submit nominations for 2024 Junior Fellows is September 13, 2023.

The request for nominations is sent to a targeted list of scientists and is also open to faculty from Ph.D.-granting institutions in New York City (i.e., in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens or the Bronx), including any medical institution that is affiliated with such an institution. There is no limit to the number of nominees a host institution can support, but only one nomination per individual is permitted. The foundation strongly encourages the nomination of people from underrepresented backgrounds.

A host institution must be an educational institution in New York City (i.e., Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx), including any medical institution that is affiliated with such an institution. Institutions outside New York City are not eligible.

Junior Fellows are appointed for up to three years. Junior Fellows receive a stipend, funds for fringe benefits and a research allowance. The Junior Fellow’s New York City host institution will receive an additional 20 percent in indirect costs. A Junior Fellowship cannot be held concurrently with another fellowship or a tenure-track faculty appointment. Junior Fellows are expected to be in residence in New York City during the academic year. Residency in New York City outside of the academic terms is not required. To be a Junior Fellow, one must be engaged in research in one of the following areas of science:

  • Life sciences, including genetics, cellular and organismic biology, neurosciences and basic aspects of biomedical research
  • Physical and engineering sciences, including astronomy, chemistry, basic aspects of engineering, earth sciences, physics and related disciplines
  • Pure and applied mathematics
  • Computer and information science

Please contact for further information or if you are a faculty member who would like to submit a nomination.

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