Flatiron Institute Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Advocacy (IDEA) Scholar Program

IDEA scholars are distinguished scientists with strong scientific overlap with one or more of the Flatiron Centers and a particular interest in increasing diversity and improving equity and inclusion, who are invited to spend extended visits at the Flatiron Institute.

The goals of the program include 1) diversifying the group of scholars who visit FI, and providing an opportunity for these scholars to network with and form collaborations with scientists at FI and in the NY region 2) building connections between FI and a more diverse set of institutions 3) supporting DEI-themed workshops and outreach events involving IDEA scholars.

IDEA Scholars may engage in a variety of activities while in residence, such as working on scientific projects, starting new scientific collaborations, mentoring junior scientists, interacting with Flatiron scientific staff, giving talks and seminars, and organizing or participating in workshops, career development events and outreach activities. Scholars may propose activities that they wish to lead or to participate in during their residency. Although the scholars’ own scientific activities are likely to be anchored within one of the centers, some activities might be Flatiron-wide. Additional financial and administrative support will be provided upon request to support activities such as workshops.

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