Andrea Giovannucci, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Neural Engineering, UNC/NCSU Department of Bioengineering
Data Scientist, CCN (2015-2018), Flatiron Institute

Dr. Giovannucci is an Assistant Professor in Neural Engineering at the UNC/NCSU department of Bioengineering. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Giovannucci was a machine learning data scientist at the Flatiron Institute (Simons Foundation) and a postdoctoral fellow (experimental neuroscience) at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Dr. Giovannucci obtained his PhD in artificial intelligence from the University of Barcelona and the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Spain. Dr. Giovannucci is affiliated with the UNC/NCSU joint Bioengineering department, the Closed loop Engineering for Advanced Rehabilitation (CLEAR) and the UNC Neuroscience Center.

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