Aravind Devarakonda, Ph.D.

Columbia University
Portrait of Aravind Devarakonda

Aravind Devarakonda will be a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Professor Cory Dean at Columbia University. Devarakonda obtained his B.S. from Rutgers University and will receive his Ph.D. in physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology working under the supervision of Professor Joseph Checkelsky. Devarakonda’s research lies at the intersection of fundamental condensed matter physics and solid state chemistry and has focused on synthesizing and probing new quantum materials as a pathway to realizing new states of matter. This is exemplified by his discovery of a naturally formed superlattice material that stabilizes fragile, two-dimensional states of quantum matter within naturally formed three-dimensional crystals. Working with Professor Dean, Devarakonda will further employ nanoscience techniques to explore and manipulate low-dimensional materials to study new, exotic quantum states.

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