Igor Tupitsyn, Ph.D.

University of Massachusetts AmherstIgor Tupitsyn’s website

Igor Tupitsyn is a member of the Monte Carlo Group, working with Nikolay Prokof’ev and Boris Svistunov at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He obtained his Ph.D. in theoretical condensed matter physics from Kurchatov Institute (Moscow). After a two-year postdoc at the Spinoza Institute of Theoretical Physics (Utrecht University, the Netherlands), he worked as a research scientist at the Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics (University of British Columbia, Vancouver).

Tupitsyn’s research interests are in the fields of quantum information, critical phenomena, novel computational techniques, topological order and excitations, and Bose-Einstein condensation of quasiparticles. He is a co-inventor of the worm algorithm used in quantum Monte Carlo simulations and co-author of the theory of environmental quantum decoherence for electronic spin insulators and semiconductors. The latter has recently lead to the first absolute comparison of theoretical and experimental decoherence times for complex condensed matter systems and opened a new way for a design of quantum information processing devices.

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