Julian Rincon, Ph.D.

Perimeter InstituteJulian Rincon’s website

Julian Rincon is a member of the Tensor Networks Group, working with Guifre Vidal at the Perimeter Institute. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Nanophase Materials Science at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and received his Ph.D. at the Balseiro Institute in 2010. His present research concerns the study of transport properties through low-dimensional strongly correlated electron systems, using analytical and numerical tools such as the density matrix renormalization group.

His earlier work was focused on the effect of correlations and quantum interference on the transport and real-time properties of nanoscopic devices, like quantum dots, molecules and nanowires. He then turned to the study of order in models for multi-orbital systems, such as iron-based superconductors and Hund’s metals, and their associated orbital-related quantum phase transitions. He is very interested in the improvement, development and implementation of efficient algorithms in the tensor network language.

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