Rajesh Chitnis, B.S.

Rajesh Chitnis is a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland, College Park, working with Prof. Mohammad T. Hajiaghayi. He completed his undergraduate studies in mathematics and computer science from Chennai Mathematical Institute, India. His current research focuses on two main directions: developing general techniques for designing efficient fixed-parameter algorithms and applying the tools from parameterized complexity to other areas, such as approximation algorithms, algorithmic game theory, big data, streaming and so forth. His papers have been published in the proceedings of FOCS, SODA, ICALP and AAAI. Chitnis and his co-authors have developed two general algorithmic techniques for designing FPT algorithms: the technique of ‘shadowless solutions,’ applicable to transversal problems on directed graphs, and ‘randomized contractions,’ applicable to cut problems on undirected graphs.

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