Simons Society of Fellows

Founded in 2014, the Simons Society of Fellows is a community of scholars that encourages intellectual interactions across disciplines and across research centers in the New York City area.

Senior Fellows of the Simons Society of Fellows are distinguished scientists based in New York City.

Junior Fellows are outstanding young scientists who receive support from the foundation for three years to conduct independent research with no teaching obligations at a university in New York City.

Announcements & News

The 2019 Simons Society of Fellows Alumni Symposium will be held at the foundation on Wednesday, October 2, and Thursday, October 3, 2019. The previous year's Alumni Symposium was held on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

The Simons Society of Fellows announces the Junior Fellows appointed in 2019.

"Seeking the Limits of Encryption" — Q&A with Simons Society of Fellows Junior Fellow Emeritus Gilad Asharov.

The Simons Society of Fellows held its third annual retreat in Bluffton, South Carolina on March 15-18, 2019, with a diverse program of scientific talks and discussion. The second annual retreat in 2018 was held in Bluffton, SC. The society held its first annual retreat in 2017 in Miami, FL.



Nominations for Junior Fellowships are by request only. The deadline for nominations for 2020 has passed. No extensions will be granted. For any questions, please contact:


For communication and inquiries pertaining to the Simons Society of Fellows, please contact:

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